Friday, 17 February 2012

The Breaking Dawn DVD release party of Epicness

Ok, I think I've had enough time to recover from last weekends Breaking Dawn party.  As you may have heard, this was the one Twilight party I was looking forward to the most, out of all the ones I've hosted before.  If you haven't heard here's a refresher:

The actual day did not disappoint!  I decorated my house with feathers, twi-paraphanalia, and even tried to get the hanging flower effect!  I had a roomful of Twi-moms, we made feathered fascinators, drank champagne and vampire venom punch, and, OME,  the wedding cake I made turned out fantastic!!  We watched the movie, and all the documentary, and cried at the touching personal wedding video (great job there!)
 The buffet table of Twi-goodies featuring wedding cake, vampire venom punch, werewolf kibble, red velvet cupcakes, apples(natch) and 'Oh-Yes-That-Is' served on Twilight By Carmona dinerware!! (What can I say - it was a Christmas gift!)


 Don't hate the cake because it was beautiful(and totally amateur, I might add!)

 Of course, werewolf kibble has to be served in a Fido bowl!! ;)

 Ok we had the guests of honor in a prominent spot (on the mantle)  I think Eddie rocks the plaid suit, don't you? (NOTE: official Twilight Barbies weren't available yet, to my greatest consternation... So we dressed up the other ones instead!)

Movie time!!  Everyone grab a glass o'bubbly and help yourselves to twizzlers, conversation hearts, handmade chocolates, and kibble :)

Thanks so much to my party co-host, Sarah, and to everyone who shared and participated in my craziness.  All I can say is - Same time next year?  Ya know, for the 'Twi-Baby Shower-To-End-All-Baby-Showers' ...

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

• The Hillywood Show | Official Website

The Hillywood show just released it's Breaking Dawn parody - and they did a great job, as always. Check it out - Scene-Stealing -Jacob cracked me up!!!

Gutsy Walk - Tammy Masters - Edmonton

Our family has created a team for the CCFC Gutsy Walk on Saturday, Jun 10th. We would love it if you would join our team! We are raising funds for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of Canada in honor of my son, Brennan, and we hope to make this a yearly event. I think it will be a fun event and the more the merrier! Here's a link to our personal page, where you can join Team Masters :) Hope to see you there!

Gutsy Walk - Tammy Masters - Edmonton